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Our Mission

Trick or Eat is Meal Exchange’s annual, student-led, national event dedicated to helping the 40% of Canadian post-secondary students who experience food insecurity. On Halloween, instead of candy, thousands of Trick or Eaters from communities across Canada will go door to door to collect food for campus food organizations, and funds to support the work of students to continue to advocate for good food for all.

Trick or Eat is a national day of action, for young people to come together and actively show that they want to see a difference on the issue of hunger on their campuses and in their communities. Join us in this unique event that allows passionate individuals like yourself to educate, advocate, and take action in the revolution to end hunger in Canada.

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Our Impact

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The impact of our work is seen across the country. To date, our programs have been run in more than 100 communities across Canada raising more than $5 million worth of food to address student and community hunger while equipping students with key leadership and community engagement skills. Meal Exchange envisions a country where everyone has access to affordable, healthy and sustainable food; the students involved with our work share this vision, and are highly engaged, working to build a strong movement that empowers young people to take leadership roles in their communities to combat student hunger.


1 Million

pounds of food

To date, Trick or Eat campaigns have collected more than 1 million pounds of food - enough to provide more than 500,000 meals to people in need


3 Million

Households Visited

Over its 17 year history, Trick or Eat participants have visited over 3 million households across Canada, collecting food and starting conversations about student hunger.




Trick or Eat has mobilized more than 30,000 young people to engage their peers and take action against hunger in their community


Trick or Eat 2017

Overall, a very rewarding experience especially knowing how successful it actually was! It made me realize how easy it can be to help a community as this was only one night that we dedicated ourselves to, but we colleced so much food which will ultimately make such a big difference to the community if we did not. I also learnt that if given the opportunity, most people will help which was delightful to see!”

- 2017 Trick or Eat Participant from Ontario




Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and support Trick or Eat in your community! Whether you want to join thousands of passionate and dedicated volunteers that participate every year, help organize your local campaign, or make a donation to help Meal Exchange support the student-led work to combat student hunger in the long term, we want to hear from you!

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Organize a Campaign

Great Trick or Eat Events start with great leaders! Event Organizers work with volunteers and community members to make each Trick or Eat event successful and make a difference in their community.

Join a Campaign

The hundreds of passionate and dedicated volunteers that participate every year are the foundation of Trick or Eat. Participants collect food and funds from their community and are the reason that Trick or Eat is able to make such a difference in communities across Canada year after year

Make a Donation

Funds raised through Trick or Eat also allow Meal Exchange to empower students with the resources and tools they need to address the systemic problems of hunger in the long term.