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About Trick or eat

Trick or Eat® is a youth-led national event that puts a new spin on the annual night of giving – Halloween. Instead of candy, thousands of Trick or Eaters across the country raise money online and go door to door to collect non-perishable food items for local food agencies. We also raise awareness about hunger in Canada through household flyers, educational materials and online resources.

We do this because hunger is on the rise in Canada. As of 2012, it was reported that 1.4 million Canadian households experience food insecurity, which amounts to nearly 1 in 8 households. That means that 4 million individuals, including 1.15 million children do not have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food. This is a 15% increase from 2012 when 3.5 million Canadian were food insecure.
Food donations remain the primary response to address hunger. However, we can do more. This year, Trick or Eat will be launching a national conversation about how to end hunger in Canada. Trick or Eaters will be encouraging Canadians (both online and at the door) to answer one question: 
With hunger in Canada on the rise, what can Canadians do to end it? 
We will be facilitating the conversation over twitter and at and encourage everyone to lend their voice and join in!
This Halloween, help us achieve our vision of ending hunger in Canada by supporting Trick or Eat. It will be a ghoulishly good time for a Franken awesome cause! 




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