How to Fundraise


Set Your Goal

Imagine the potential if you asked for $1 for every home you visit on Oct. 31? For many of you that is 300, 500, 1000? The potential is amazing.

Engage and Ask Your Network

Make a list of your networks who you will ask to join you this Trick or Eat campaign. This is a great time to let your family and friends know what you are up to! By participating in Trick or Eat, you are sharing your time and energy with the community. This is a great opportunity to ask your family and friends who won’t be able to join you the night of Trick or Eat to support what you’re doing.


Start a Challenge


If you like competition Trick or Eat is the perfect place to develop your goals and own challenges. Here are some ideas:

  • To the person who donates $250 or more, you will get to decide my Halloween costume!
  • For every $100 I raise, I will visit 25 houses to raise more food and awareness to address food insecurity

Share Your Gratitude


Regardless if someone donates or not, it is important to give thanks to everyone involved in Trick or Eat: organizers, households, teammates and you network.  After Trick or Eat, share your personal and our national successes, oh and those awesome photos.